Roberta is a Control Practitioner, a Women’s health Physiotherapist and Menopause Coach.

She has a passion to help women of all ages to improve their well being both mentally and physically. Roberta has a particular interest in helping women with menopause symptoms and women’s health issues.

Her a keen performer and is often found on stage singing or acting and loves to help people overcome performance anxiety.

"Before working with Roberta I hadn’t been sleeping well for many, many months. I had trouble getting to sleep and then would usually wake sometime between 3-5am and not be able to go back to sleep again. It left me feeling totally drained, frayed at the edges and struggling to function most days. My first session of non-trance hypnotherapy with Roberta was a revelation. I experienced an immediate and profound improvement, sleeping right through the night in a way I had thought was impossible for me. As our sessions progressed there were a few bumps in the road, as daytime stresses flipped me partially back into old patterns. However, not only did Roberta expertly smooth these over, restoring my restful sleep, she also armed me with techniques that mean I can help myself if this ever happens in the future. I highly recommend Roberta if you’re experiencing poor sleep, anxiety or any of the many troubles that this technique can help with. She is a skilled and caring practitioner who has really improved my quality of life."
Rachel P.

"EXCELLENT, far beyond what I had hoped for! After the death of a loved one, I spent years with a deep feeling of guilt and regret. I went into the therapy with an open heart & mind, knowing that even the slightest of positive change would benefit me. The first session was extremely interesting and emotionally tough, but it literally made ALL the difference. I’ve spent weeks in delightful shock at how suddenly effective and lasting its been. I’ll be eternally grateful to you Roberta for healing such a painful part of me. Your professional and understanding nature helped make it all so easy."
Kaye S.

"I began a series of hypnotherapy with Roberta following an operation which left me with feelings of low self esteem and lack of sleep. A little dubious of the long term benefits such a treatment could have for me I began a series of zoom sessions with Roberta.

The first session was a bit of a challenge as I had no idea what to expect. I needn’t have been concerned as Roberta expertly guided me through. It was a transformation. The therapeutic effect on my mental state and sleep pattern was incredible. After future sessions I was able to focus more clearly giving me increased awareness of my inner strengths and weaknesses and how to help myself in the future.

Several months later I am still reaping the benefits of all my hypnotherapy sessions. I am able to control my sleep and have increased confidence in my ability day to day.

I cannot recommend Roberta highly enough. She is empathic, efficient, professional, kind and extremely effective."
Christine B.
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Roberta Bass

South West England


CTRL Practitioner, Women’s Health Physiotherapist and Control Practitioner

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Roberta Bass Women’s Health Physiotherapist

Roberta Bass Women’s Health Physiotherapist